Principal's Message

Winship Elementary is a small rural school with high expectations for all students. At Winship Elementary, we are committed to celebrating the uniqueness of the individual and guiding each child to fulfillment of his or her potential. We believe that all children can learn regardless of handicaps or limitations. We are committed to educating our students for positive and varied roles in society. Our goal is to provide educational experiences that will:

  • Promote a literate student body
  • Promote a responsible, confident attitude
  • Establish an intrinsic need for life-long learning
  • Develop a strong sense of right and wrong
  • Encourage students to accept new challenges and risk failure 
  • Encourage students to pursue academic excellence
  • Teach students to value individual differences

The entire staff is dedicated to providing a classroom environment that promotes and reinforces a safe and orderly campus so that each student can attain his or her potential.